All Applications

Corona Sonic Horns produce high intensity, low frequency sound waves that fluidize and remove unwanted particulate build-up in all these following applications:

  1. Baghouses
    cleans filter bags and hoppers
  2. Food and Dairy Spray Dryers
    removes sidewall build-up from dryers, baghouses and cyclones
  3. Electrostatic Precipitators
    reduces build-up on collector plates, electrode wires, hoppers, inlet distribution devices
  4. Cyclones
    eliminates sidewall build-up and discharge plugging 
  5. Bins & Silos
    reduces funneling of powdered material and eliminates discharge plugging
  6. Heat Exchangers and Economizers
    reduces and eliminates tube build-up
  7. Ducts and Conveying Lines
    eliminates wall build-up and plugging