• Corona has been supplying sonic horns to industry for 20 years.
  • Corona supplies the patented USDA approved sanitary sonic horns for food and dairy spray dryer equipment cleaning.
  • Corona has supplied over 30 different model of sonic horn with different frequency,sizes, materials of construction, and accessories for specific applications.
  • Corona Sonic Horns have proven to clean over 10,000 square feet of filter bag area in coal fired boiler baghouse applications.
  • Corona Sonic Horns produce high intensity, low frequency sound waves that fluidize and remove unwanted particulate build-up in all these following applications:
    1. Baghouses
      cleans filter bags and hoppers
    2. Food and Dairy Spray Dryers
      removes sidewall build-up from dryers, baghouses and cyclones
    3. Electrostatic Precipitators
      reduces build-up on collector plates, electrode wires, hoppers, inlet distribution devices
    4. Cyclones
      eliminates sidewall build-up and discharge plugging
    5. Bins & Silos
      reduces funneling of powdered material and eliminates discharge plugging
    6. Heat Exchangers and Economizers
      reduces and eliminates tube build-up
    7. Ducts and Conveying Lines
      eliminates wall build-up and plugging
CS-10-USDA Sanitary Sonic Horn
Patented sanitary sonic horn for food and
dairy spray drying applications
Cost Effective and Versatile
Over 30 Different Models - Any Application
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