The Corona sonic horn is designed for ease of installation in existing applications. Bells and flanges are fabricated to match the customer’s needs.

As a full services supplier, Corona also refurbishes used & worn sonic horns to like new condition. We can also provide assemblies and spare parts for many other types of sonic horns.

Corona Sonic Horns has over 30 years of experience in the acoustic cleaning of Food & Dairy Spray Drying Systems, Air Pollution Control Equipment & Powder Material Handling Facilities.  Our sonic horns were developed and patented specifically to increase the performance and reduce the maintenance of these process systems. 

The high intensity, low frequency acoustic energy generated by our sonic horns, vibrates particulate and powder build-up that form on surfaces in these systems.  Our sonic horns have shown to produce more power in the lower cleaning frequencies (70 to 125 hertz) due to the designs of the sonic horn’s driver where the sound is produced.